Il mio ritorno a Roma

A popular legend claims a visitor who flips a coin into the Trevi Foundation is destined to return to Rome someday.

Well, I flipped a few euro while studying there and yielded a satisfactory return on my investment. Domani, sono volerà a Roma dopo due anni of being apart from la Città Eterna. Containing my excitement is nearly impossible as I’ve dreamt about returning to Rome for at least 10 minutes each day, since I waved “ciao” to the Zone Hotel of Monte Mario in May 2010.

I’m interested to see how Romans have been affected by the eurozone crisis. Have businesses closed? Are restaurants less busy? Are the people downtrodden? What perceptions do Italians have of Mario Monti? And is the freedom of the Italian press progressing?

Rome is an ideal tourist destination, but I’m returning as a former resident. I look forward to strolling the graffitied streets of the less populated neighborhoods and practicing my Italianglish with workers at stores rarely frequented by other Americans.

Recently, I applied for an internship with the Associated Press Bureau in Rome, Italy. Of course this is my fairytale internship and likely one of the most competitive, but regardless, I’ll strive to combine my adorations of journalism and Italy until I reach the crossroads.

Ciao a tutti!


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